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An AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters into a live-action scene

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No More MoCap, no complicated 3D software and no expensive production
hardware—all the artist needs is a camera.

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No need to work shot-by-shot

Upload your CG character model to one shot or an entire scene and the system will automatically detect cuts and track the actor throughout the sequence.

No need for heavy frame-by-frame VFX work

The system automatically detects the actor’s performance based on single-camera footage. Then, it takes that performance and transfers it to the CG character of your choice — automatically animated, lit, and composed.

Adaptive To Existing Pipeline

Wonder Studio AI automates 80%-90% of “objective” VFX work and leaves the artist with the remaining “subjective” work, which can be exported into the software they already use.

Export individual elements

So Easy An Alien Could Do It

Say goodbye to complicated 3D software and the time-consuming learning curve.



Advisory Board


Nikola Todorovic
Co-Founder and CEO

Tye Sheridan
Co-Founder and President


Angjoo Kanazawa
Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

Terry Dougas
Producer and financier of Film and TV. Founder of Rhea Films, 1821 Media


Joe Russo
Director, screenwriter and producer


Joshua Baer
Founder & CEO, Capital Factory

Robert Schwab
Private equity investor, President and CEO of R&L Properties


Steven Spielberg
Film director, producer and screenwriter

Antonio Torralba
Professor and Head of AI and Decision making, EECS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Gregory Trattner
President, Film Finances Inc. (World leader in completion guarantees and film services)


Create Sci-Fi worlds by assigning multiple

Let the AI do the heavy lifting allowing you to focus on creative storytelling

Investors on board.

Make hard VFX shots
a thing of the past

Dynamic camera

Dynamic lighting

Give it your own style

Seamlessly compose your unique stylized character in any live-action shot

Upload Your Own 3D Model Or Use Some Of The Free Characters From The Artist Community

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