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nowStudent OS is the ultimate all-in-one
orkspace for everything you need for
our academic career – both in and out of
he classroom, bringing 15+ templates intol
centralized dashboard Available in both
in aesthetic (original) ond minimal theme.

& All-in-one das board with all the.current and relevant information you need: upcoming exams and assignments, our weekly timetable. daily and weekly to-dos, page directory, current readings
racker, semester grade tracker, widgets,
and more

Full Classes database and semester
planner: add your courses for the current
and upcoming semester, see details such
class location, amount of credits,
Cumulative average grade (automatically puled from asignment databse) More

Each class has a full template page to
add your syllabus and files, track your
deliverables, see profs and classmates,
(add your notes, and mare — all
interconnected with other databases in
the template

1 Assignments & Deliverables tracker for
exams. group projects, essays and more –
add priority per deliverable, relevant files,
notes, and more, and view in both
calendar and board layouts

HB Built-in grade calculator in the
Assignments & Deliverables database:
get automatic grade calculations (both
percentage ond letter grades) as the
semester and year goes on, based on
weightings from your course outiine

2 Study hub with flashcards template,
Upcoming exams widget, and a but:
customizable Pomodoro timer widget

18 Digital notebook to store all your
lecture and study notes using the Cornell
Note-Taking System link them to your
relevant closses, assignments, and

W School readings tracker with progress
bars and liorary views ~ track your
readings from novels to assigned textbook
chapters, tag by type (library. digital. etc),
link to notes ond deliverables, and more


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