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Create your first page

Juan May 12, 2023

Add a page

There are a couple ways to add a new page in Notion. 

  • At the bottom of your sidebar, click + New page.
  • Or, use the shortcut cmd/ctrl + N.
New page

A brand new page will pop up with options to view templates or pick a type of page to build.

  • For now, give your page a title and press enter, which will give you a fresh, empty page.

Start writing

Begin typing whatever you want. You’ll notice other features fade away, leaving you with your thoughts.

Highlight any text to bring up a menu of options and tools. From here, you’ll be able to add a hyperlink or comment, or style your text in bold, italics, underlines, etc.

Edit bar

Try a slash command

The / command will quickly become your best friend in Notion.

  • Typing / brings up a comprehensive menu of block types – all of your content options. Experiment with different block types – you’ll find your own personal favorite combinations!
  • Add any type of block by typing / and scrolling to the one you want or typing its name. For instance, /h1 creates a large heading, and /todo creates a checkbox.