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Create a subpage

Juan May 12, 2023

There are no folders in Notion. Instead, you can organize pages inside pages… inside pages. Here, we’ll show you how to create a page within another page, which we call a subpage 📑

Add a subpage

Within an existing page, create a subpage using /page.

  • You’ll immediately be presented with the blank subpage. Give it a title, start adding content, just like you would with any new page.
  • Now, when you return to the parent page, you’ll see the subpage inline. 

Use your sidebar and breadcrumbs

Your sidebar just got better

While the information presented in this guide is still useful, some elements of the sidebar have been updated — making sharing with the right groups easier. Learn about how teamspaces give every team a home for their important work.

You can also create a subpage directly from the sidebar!

  • Open the sidebar using the  button at the top left of your workspace.
  • Hover over any existing page in the sidebar, and press the + button that appears to the right of the page name. This will quickly add a page inside.

Once you’ve added your subpage, you’ll notice that it now appears in your sidebar, nested underneath its parent.

You’ll also see this structure reflected in the breadcrumb at the top left. This makes it easy for you to see the location and hierarchy of the page you’re working on.

Subpage sidebar breadcrumb

Rearrange your page structure

There are no limits on how you organize your work, and the pages in your workspace can be easily rearranged.

  • To un-nest a subpage, click on it in the sidebar and drag it out of the parent page’s toggle.
  • To nest a page, do the opposite. Click and drag it into another page.