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Collaborate with people

Juan May 12, 2023

Notion has several features designed to improve and increase the velocity of communication with your team — whether you’re all editing the same page or working across time zones 🤝

Work together in real-time

You can edit the same page at the same time with an unlimited number of people.

  • Their profile photos will show you where they’re looking or working on the page.
  • Edits and comments made by everyone will appear to you instantly.

  • Click the 🕘 clock icon at the top right on the page to see who made what changes and when.
    • Content added is highlighted in blue.
    • Gray strikethrough shows what’s been removed.
    • You can also see where people have left comments.
Update bar

Start a conversation

There are several ways to communicate with your teammates inside Notion — hopefully helping you cut down on meetings and status checks.

Mention a teammate

Want to get someone’s attention on a page?

  • Mention them by typing @ followed by their name anywhere on a page.
  • You’ll see a menu pop up that will search for the person in real time. Press enter.
  • They’ll be notified of your mention with a link directly to it in Updates (or with a push notification if they are on the desktop or mobile app).
Mentions - mention person

Leave a comment

Comments let you attach your thoughts, questions, or opinions to specific content on a page.

  • To leave a comment on a page, click the Add comment right above its title.
  • To leave a comment on text, highlight it, and click Comment in the menu that pops up.
  • To leave a comment on an image, embed, or other type of block, you can click the ••• that appears at the top right or the ⋮⋮ icon that appears to the left on hover. Choose Comment from the menu that pops up. (You can also right click to bring it up!)
  • You can @-mention your colleagues in comments to get their attention.

Never miss a thing

Notion is built for asynchronous communication. You’ll be notified if someone needs you or if a page you care about has been changed.

  • Click on Updates at the top of your left sidebar. This is where we collect all notifications concerning you.
  • All updates will appear with a grey badge. If you’ve been mentioned, you’ll see a red badge with the number of mentions waiting for you next to Updates.
  • Click on any of these updates to go directly to the comment, mention, or edit in question.
Updates - All Updates