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We have templates for everyone

We meticulously craft amazing templates so yo don’t have to.

Student Dashboards

Ultimate Life Planners

Second Brain/ SuperBrain

Epic Fitness Trackers

Awesome Meal Planners

Killer Goal Trackers


Recipe Trackers

Movie and Show Trackers

Project Management


Building the best Notion Community

With an open-source mentality we reward sharing and openness in our community.

Community Dashboard

Collaborative Atmosphere

Notion Tips


Lesson Unlocks

Activity Feeds





Notion Depot Means Business.

Notion power to take your business to the next level.

Freedom and control.

Do what you want.

Customize your Notion templates to be whatever you want. Change icons, ad tables, literally anything notion can do, you can do with our templates.


Feel great using Notion.

For many of us, Notion can be frustrating. We’ve developed a process to maximize the things we love and minimize the things we don’t in Notion. User-friendly, lovely to look at, and easy to customize. These are all important things we  considered when creating our  Notion Templates.

Functionality & design.

Add some spice to your workflow.

We understand that “stock” Notions look isn’t for everyone, so we’ve created beautiful-looking templates that go above and beyond the simple aesthetic Notion is known for. 

Simple to Use

Our Dashboards make Notion Easy to navigate. With simplicity in mind, we’ve built our templates from the ground up to be “non-geeky” with a clear (and obvious) user interface.

Ready to go

Our templates are ready to use right out of the box. All templates include easy-to-follow video instructions, and you could be tracking the important things in under 3 minutes.

It's a no-brainer

We made Notion Depot extremely affordable without any tricks up our sleve. We are not trying to be the next unicorn, just the next work horse.  Great for individule who want the best templates to unlock yhe power of Notion or the Teams that rely on Notion everyday. We got the goods!.

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