Inside BuddyBoss.

Learn about what we do, why we do it and the
 who make it all happen!


How it all started.

Back in 2010, Michael Eisenwasser created the BuddyBoss
Theme to help WordPress users transform their regular old website
into an Online Community.

By 2013, thousands of online communities around the world were
already using the BuddyBoss Theme and an overwhelming number
of community leaders were requesting custom development, unique
features or even fully custom websites!

As a solopreneur, Mike was struggling to keep up with the volume.
He knew that the needs of his diverse customers were starting to
outpace what he was capable of delivering on his own. So he did
what any savvy self-starter did in 2013…

He posted an ad on Craigslist!

Within hours, Tom Cheddadi answered the callout and took
over the day to day growth of the agency side of the business,
allowing Mike to focus on continuing to build a great product.

Very soon, Mike & Tom realized they had a shared vision of what the
future of Online Communities could really look like. They decided to
become partners, to build BuddyBoss together and turn their vision
into a reality.

BuddyBoss now has over 150+ staff in 13 countries across 4
continents and powers over 50,000+ Online Communities, Courses
and Membership Sites just like yours.


Why we do what we do.

Technology should enhance the way you connect and impact your community, not stand in the way! It should unlock possibilities for you and spark your imagination, allowing you to achieve things that would have never been possible and help you do what you do best.
That’s why at BuddyBoss we’re on a mission to make it easier, faster and more affordable than ever to build and launch your own world-class Online Community, Course or Membership Site and give you the freedom to succeed and grow without limits!

You’re a leader; you shouldn’t need a developer. With BuddyBoss we’ve made it easy to launch a fully customizable Online Community, Course or Membership without needing a PhD in astrophysics (or tens of thousands in custom development work!) If you’re not a developer then you have everything you need to launch and grow a fully customizable Online Community, Course Or Membership Site. (And if you actually are a developer, you’re in great company!)

It’s your community; you should be free to do whatever you want with it. With BuddyBoss it’s free to get started and you’re free to choose exactly how your platform looks, feels and functions. We give you the freedom to grow at your own pace (or even faster than you expected) with no limits. That’s right – we don’t charge you for more members, messages or storage and we certainly don’t force our ads on you and your members – what kind of freedom would that be!

It’s your community; you should own it, and everything in it. With BuddyBoss you own your members, their data, their subscriptions and payments. You own your messages, your content, your design. In fact, apart from the bits you license from us… you own everything! (And that’s the way it should be Mark!)

Your community is unique; your platform should be too. With BuddyBoss you have the flexibility to enhance or extend any area of your community that your imagination can dream up. From the fully modular built-in components (giving you all the core elements your platform needs) to the limitless combinations of plugins and extensions directly integrated or supported by WordPress. (That’s right, BuddyBoss is built using the same open-source technology powering 40% of the entire internet!).


Why we do what we do.

We Focus On
The User

The voice of our users is at the core of every conversation and decision we make – we’ve even hired five of our own successful customers in key roles to ensure we’re not just saying it!

We Iterate To

We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them as we move closer to where we want to go.

Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger

The diverse culture, beliefs, philosophies, abilities and lived experiences of our team help us grow as people and build products that enrich the lives of everyone.

Our Team Is

Our team is our second family; we care about each other, do anything we can for each other – and even hang out with each other outside of work every chance we get!

We Lead With

We try to lead with our hearts as much as our heads. Making the right decision over the easy decision, saying “no” if saying “yes” would mean compromising on what we believe in.

We Have Fun In
The Process

Great work comes from having fun, not in spite of it. The only thing the grind is good for is coffee!


The people behind BuddyBoss.

We are a team of individuals from all corners of the World, diverse cultures, ethnicities and religions coming together to form one big family that draws its power from our shared work ethic, passion for technology & progress, and desire to create great things, create success for our customers, users, and our company.

BuddyBoss In Numbers



















Our Leadership Team

Tom Cheddadi

Co-founder & CEO

Tom Cheddadi

Co-founder & CEO

Tom Cheddadi

Co-founder & CEO

Tom Cheddadi

Co-founder & CEO

Tom Cheddadi

Co-founder & CEO

Tom Cheddadi

Co-founder & CEO


This is the way.

BuddyBoss is built on Freedom and Flexibility; both in the product and the people!
To make an impact in the world, you need to bring together a cross section of the most talented, caring, experienced, empathetic and eager people all dedicated towards a common purpose. That’s why, since the very beginning, our hiring strategy has had no boundaries. We look anywhere and everywhere to find just the right fit; prioritizing attitude over abilities, tenacity over time-zone.
A big benefit of business without borders is that it has created a diverse working culture where we can all learn from the lived experiences of each other, helping us to grow as people and to build products, services and create experiences that enrich the lives of everyone, not just people who look and think like us.
Many of our key team members to this day came from unlikely sources, challenging our expectations and perceptions of what we thought we were looking for. One of our favorites being from our own user community and customer base, where we’ve hired several key team members, including three directly into leadership positions, ensuring that the voice of the customer is the voice of the leadership team.
We do our best to allow our team to work from wherever they want, whenever they want. From our support staff choosing shifts that suit them right up to our leadership team who all work whatever hours they need to, around family life or other commitments. This has also meant that while movement has been so restricted over the past couple of years with many losing their jobs or being forced out of work – our team have all had unwavering job security and the freedom & flexibility to work from wherever and whenever they needed to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Over the last couple of years – our team has in fact more than doubled in size!
Since we spend so much time with our coworkers during our lifetime, we treat our coworkers like family. We care for each other, we are there for one another, and we’re always super excited to meet and hang out with each other. We used to enjoy taking the whole team on trips when there were just 25 of us! Nowadays we really enjoy getting together in smaller groups throughout the year and in various parts of the world.

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